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Brand Guide

Our Brand Guide contains all the information your club needs in order to create an organized presence in your community. It showcases our March For Our Lives Iowa fonts and colors which you see across all our social media and shirts. It explains basic photography technique and how to utilize different types of resolutions and files.  Best of all, it includes our March For Our Lives Iowa logo to make sure you are able to show it off in your community. 

A brand is just like you—a living, breathing thing that’s constantly changing. It adapts to new technology, trends, and inspirations—and emerges as an even better version of itself.

As our brand continues to evolve, we’ll be uploading new graphics and tools for you to use. You’ll find important guidelines for using specific fonts, colors and other visual elements. Established with the help of experts and designers, these guidelines help unify March Four Our Lives Iowa. All of your club members, including fellow officers, should be familiar with these standards. So share the information and provide guidance where you can!

 Click this button to download our March For Our Lives IA Brand Guide


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