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March For Our Lives Iowa  2022-2023

State Directors 

Esha Bolar — SHE/HER


Esha Bolar is a Senior at Johnston High School. She participates in Mock Trial and Speech and Debate. She helped organize a walkout affiliated with MFOL in her school following the Parkland shooting in 2018 with more than 500 students taking part. Since the walk out she’s been an advocate for the prevention of gun violence, and other human rights issues. She’s very politically active and believes speaking truth to power is MFOLIA’s most useful tool. Esha hopes to go to law school and one day take on congress.

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Akshara Eswar is a Junior at Johnston High School where she takes part in jazz band, National History Day, and Mock Trial. Akshara enjoys photography, and embroidery  in her free time. She has been learning vocal Indian Classical music for 11 years. She is a passionate advocate for many social justice issues. After participating in a walk out following the Parkland shooting in 2018, she became invested in helping end gun violence in America. Akshara hopes to study economics in college and pursue a career in it as well.
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Josue is  a senior at East High School. In school, he enjoys debate, and musical. Outside of school, he loves photography and cooking. Josue is an advocate for social justice issues, and has been for many years. It is Josue's first year on the MFOLIA State team, and he is excited to work with students to make a difference around Iowa. 

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Waverly Zhao is a senior at Johnston High School. She is involved in many different social justice organizations that focus on education, student voice, the legislative process, and equity. Waverly hopes to be a changemaker in her community and bring more awareness to the issues that are occurring within our public schools. After high school, she hopes to study political science in college in order to prepare her for a career in public service. 

Hannah is a junior at Roosevelt high school where she’s involved in mock trial, debate, and student council. She has attended and organized several rallies for climate action and gun violence prevention. She is very passionate about social justice and hopes to one day create positive change as a lawyer or politician. She joined March for our lives because she believes no child should fear for their life every time they walk into school.

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Keiana is a Senior at Cedar Falls High School where she enjoys leading her school as Student Senate President, picking up a few extra volunteer hours with Volunteer Club, and most importantly: socializing. She has been a part of Children’s Miracle Network Dance Marathon for 12 years, the nonprofit organization that sparked her love for advocacy and outreach work! After taking a keen eye to the hateful world around her growing up, she knew she had to be the change in this world. Keiana plans to attend college for Political Science, and hopes to pursue a career invested in Public Administration or nonprofit.


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