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March For Our Lives Iowa  2020

These are all of the members of the current state team of March For Our Lives Iowa. For more on what these positions mean and what each individual does, please see this section.

Kevin Drahos — HE/HIM


Kevin is one of the co-founders and the State Director of March For Our Lives Iowa. He is currently a student at the University of Iowa and a native of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. In his tenure with March For Our Lives, Kevin has organized school walkouts, Cedar Rapids MFOL events, and several town halls. He now leads the State-wide team and works with National March For Our Lives to create and implement new initiatives in Iowa. In addition to his work with March For Our Lives, Kevin serves as Executive Chair of the State of Iowa Youth Advisory Council, a non-partisan policy advising organization. On the council, he has worked to introduce numerous gun-sense pieces of legislation into the Iowa Legislature. He is active on both a state and national level helping advocate for youth involvement in government and gun violence reduction. He is an alumni of the United States Senate Youth Program and a past Legislative Page at the Iowa House of Representatives.

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Quintin is one of the Co-Founders and Treasurer of MFOL Iowa. He is a recent graduate of Cedar Rapids Washington High School and will be attending the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill as a Morehead Cain Scholar after taking a gap year to study the language and culture in Russia. Quintin has helped develop and volunteer at various MFOL events and has advocated fearlessly for gun reform. Quintin was the Vice-President of Amnesty International at Washington and worked with the organization as a grassroots lobbyist to pass legislation that put a halt to the US Arms Sales to the dangerous Saudi-UAE coalition against innocent, Yemeni civilians. Additionally, he served as a Student Trustee on the Cedar Rapids Community School Foundation Board.

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Olivia is one of the founders and Secretary for MFOL Iowa. She is an extremely proud graduate of Cedar Rapids Washington High School and a current student at DePaul University in Chicago, IL. Olivia has planned several Iowa MFOL events and continues to advocate for gun violence and comprehensive criminal justice reform. Olivia was the president of Amnesty International at Washington High School and currently serves on Amnesty’s National Youth Collective which is a national governing body for the organization. She also served as a Legislative Services Agency (LSA) Page in the 2019 Iowa General Assembly.

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Nick is the current Legislative Affairs Director of March For Our Lives Iowa. An Iowa City native, he is a Sophomore at the University of Iowa majoring in Political Science and Ethics & Public Policy. Working to bridge the gap between public policy and on-the-ground field organizing, Nick has served as a core-member and co-founder of Students Against School Shootings, a field organizer for Zach Wahls’ successful state senate campaign, and as a field organizer for Let America Vote.

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James Simmons is excited to join the MFOLIA team as State Communications Director. James is a college student in Des Moines, studying Music, Writing for Media, and Pre-Law. He has served as a Freshmen Class Senator, Violence Intervention Partner, and Diversity Advocate for numerous organizations. He is the recipient of the Matthew Shepard Scholarship from the Eychaner Foundation and the One Iowa - North Scholarship for his leadership and activism. James has worked on congressional races at the state and national level, and for presidential campaigns. Outside of MFOLIA, James is currently the campaign manager for Rep. Gaines of IA-H32 and Assistant State Director of the Spark Foundation, a literacy nonprofit based in Des Moines.

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Ella is currently serving as one of March For Our Lives Iowa’s Communications Associates. A

freshman at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, Ella is a Strategic Political Communications

and Public Relations double major with a minor in Political Science. Outside of working with

MFOL, Ella currently serves as a Student Activist Coordinator for the Iowa branch of Amnesty

International, a human rights organization that also focuses on the gun violence epidemic both

domestically and abroad. Ella has also worked with a nonpartisan voter education organization

called Vote Smart and on multiple local and presidential campaigns.

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Abigail is currently serving as a Communications Associate for March For Our Lives Iowa. She is an eighth grader at Johnston Middle School where she participates in cross country, track and field, mock trial, and her school’s chapter of Iowa Students for Tobacco Education and Prevention. She is also active in the political scene. Ever since Parkland Abigail has been passionate about ending the gun violence epidemic in America. She is ecstatic to be working with the ambitious MFOL team in order to create a safer future for Americans.

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Natalie is currently serving as March For Our Lives Communications Specialist. She is a homeschooled senior in High School while taking most credits at Kirkwood Community College. Natalie is hoping to pursue a career in Speech Pathology and Social work in order to make a lasting impact in her community. Natalie currently serves as Lieutenant Governor of Area 7 for Key Club, an Iowa Youth Congress member, and President of Teens Against Human Trafficking. She also participates in many other activities, volunteer opportunities, and local and federal campaigns.

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Rebecca is the current State Organizing Director for March for Our Lives Iowa! She is a student at the University of Iowa in Iowa City studying Political Science and International Relations. Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, Rebecca has been an advocate for gun violence prevention since the Ferguson Black Lives Matter protests and has continued to be an activist in her new home of Iowa City through various marches and organizations. On campus, Rebecca is an ambassador for the Student Advancement Network, a volunteer for Hawk the Vote, and is involved with the Undergraduate Political Science Association, as well as volunteering for the Theresa Greenfield 2020 Senate campaign! She is excited to empower, educate, and mobilize all Iowans, especially our younger generations, to fight for gun violence prevention policies, and to save lives.

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Kyle is the University of Iowa Organizing director. He is also a sophomore at the University of Iowa

studying political science. Kyle got involved in March for Our Lives activism after the Parkland shooting when he spoke at the 2018 and 2019 Des Moines March For Our Lives events. Outside of politics and activism, Kyle enjoys watching Vikings football and spending time with



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Esha is the Central Iowa Organizing Director and a current Freshman at Johnston. She’s a passionate advocate for the prevention of gun violence. Esha helped organize a walkout in her school following the Parkland shooting in 2018, and more than 500 students took part in this protest. Since this life changing event, she’s been vivaciously active on the political scene. In her free time, she loves to take part in Jazz Band, Volleyball, TSA, and Mock Trial. Recently, she was elected as the Iowa TSA’s Sargent-At-Arms for the 2019-2020 year. Esha hopes to go to Law school, and one day take on Congress.

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Liv is the North Central Iowa Organizing Director for March For Our Lives Iowa. She is a senior at Forest City High School and enjoys her involvement in numerous extracurricular activities including as Student Council, Interact, Speech, and more. In addition to her heavy involvement in school activities, Liv also serves on the Iowa Department of Education’s Equity Committee and volunteers with her school’s ELL program. Liv first became involved with March For Our Lives when she attended a town hall in June of 2018. Since then, her passion for ending gun violence, encouraging others to vote, and empowering the youth of America has only grown.

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Vivian is a current Junior at Linn-Mar High School where she participates in various clubs and activities. She is most proud of her position as Vice President for Linn-Mars chapter of Amnesty International, a human rights advocacy organization. Outside of school, Vivian is an active member of Iowa Youth Congress and various political organizations.

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Dominic is a current student at Sioux City East High. He is a co-founder if the Sioux City March For Our Lives Chapter. Dominic really enjoys using his voice to speak out on issues affecting students and his community. He is most definitely the biggest Prince fan you’ll ever meet.

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Meet Ella! She is a student at East High School in Sioux City Iowa. She’s an advocate for sensible gun reform as well as equality and representation for all. Ella is involved with Debate Team, Student Council and Gay Straight Alliance. She enjoys alternative music and iced coffee.

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Regional Director

  • Present at statewide calls to give updates on national

  • Facilitates communication at all levels and fosters relationships with local chapters

  • Final go-to for advice on organizing, fundraising, and anything else related to March For Our Lives Iowa

  • Ensure implementation of national initiatives

  • Conflict resolution

  • Recruitment initiatives for the state

  • Advise on statewide initiatives

  • Constantly analyze, improve and grow statewide structure to accommodate expansion

  • Document and keep up to date the state structures

  • Manage statewide communication through preferred messaging platform


State Director

  • Manage recruitment and onboarding of new chapters

  • Develop statewide initiatives and overall bigger picture of state

  • Responsible for fostering a sense of community across the state

  • Set agenda and facilitate statewide calls twice a month

  • First go-to for advice on organizing and know who to direct them to for issues that should be handled by other state wide leaders

  • Mentor for local chapters

  • Manage inter-committee dynamics and hold check in calls with each committee leader

  • Facilitate democratic system for appointing committee lead positions including Co-Director (this system should probably be created by the Regional Directors)

  • Acknowledgment of accomplishments and keeping members engaged by creating opportunities for them like scholarship grants, rewards for hard work from individual chapters like social events, etc.

  • Work with school administrations to develop programs where working with MFOL can also get service/class credit


Legislative Affairs Director

  • Give updates to the statewide board on the activities of the political team

  • Responsible for setting up calls/meetings with representatives at all levels

  • Cultivate a list of political contacts across the state from all parties and manage ways to show our presence at gatherings of these parties

  • They will also be responsible for at least 1 monthly call with the entire political team

  • Be familiar with current political landscape of the state and general knowledge of gun violence prevention laws

  • Communicate with regional political officers and mentor them

Political Advisor

  • ​Each officer will give updates on the legislation they are working on and propose ideas for future legislation on the political team monthly call​
  • Advocacy associates will work on research and writing legislation for the issue of focus
  • ​Assist the LA Director in preparing and advocating for legislation


Fundraising Director

  • Create fundraising initiatives and look for opportunities to connect members who have expressed proficiency in speaking at events where they can get money

  • Develop strong relationships with potential donors and cultivate a donor list

  • Responsible for appointing regional fundraising directors

    • Fundraising officers will be in charge of coordinating fundraising efforts in their norcal or socal area

    • Develop strong relationships with potential donors and add to the donor list

    • Check in on grant requests from their region

    • Responsible for appointing two regional fundraising directors per region

      • These regional directors will build out their teams to delegate tasks as they see fit and have as big a team as possible to not have anyone overwhelmed


Logistics & Partnerships Director

  • Lead organizer for statewide events and has power to recruit a planning team for these events

  • Creative with event/action planning and develop proposals for them

  • Develop fiscally responsible travel plans for members for lobbying trips, events, etc

  • Go-to experienced member for advice on planning an event from start to finish (permit applications, event space advice, recruitment/advertising timeline)

  • Develop strong relationships with potential partners and cultivate a partner list

  • Main line of communication for the state and local chapters to potentially partners for events

  • Find out how we can support our partners at their events and make sure that support of our partners is shown on social media by working with content director

  • Responsible for appointing two regional logistics officers per region

    • These regional directors will build out their teams to delegate tasks as they see fit and have as big a team as possible to not have anyone overwhelmed


Communications Director

  • Lead social media director for state socials

  • Cultivate content(written & graphics) for social media and website

  • Create and coordinate statewide social media actions for all chapters

  • General awareness of events going on around the state and assisting with promotion

  • Develop social media strategy to highlight political team’s efforts

  • Deep understanding of mission of MFOL and solid messaging skills to create press releases

  • Go-to representative for press and cultivate list of press contacts 

  • Press advisor for local chapters by connecting with their local press and advising them on representing the MFOL mission for the press



What positions mean and what each individual does.


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